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Dancing is a great form of entertainment since time immemorial. It is common to get dancers entertaining people in most celebrations and events. Dancing has become a natural way of grazing weddings in modern Asian celebrations. Some countries like China perform lion dances during weddings and other occasions, however, dancing takes place at different times in American and asian wedding entertainment ceremonies. Apart from entertaining the guests, dancing also has many health and relationship benefits.

Dancing has been used to reshape the entertainment scene with the introduction of new dancing styles that fit in many celebrations. The best part of entertaining guests through dancing is because of its participatory and inclusive nature that eliminates boredom. Here are the most popular entertaining dances and their importance. The dancer can also teach the guests some dance styles, keeping your guests busy as the bride and the groom take photos during the cocktail hour.

Extra information about asian wedding entertainment

Belly dances

Belly dance is one of the hottest trends used for expanding your wedding day entertainment. Belly dancers have become the center for entertainment in most Asian wedding plans, including a foreign culture that makes celebrations more enjoyable, a fact that has won belly dancers a soft spot among most wedding planners.

You can include this trend in your wedding by having a belly dancer lead the procession while wearing a candelabra on her head symbolizing the light way for newlyweds. A belly dancer can also entertain your guests as you take your photos. Although it is a common aspect of Asian wedding entertainment, it is the best way of smoothing that awkward transition between dinner and dancing. Belly dancers can also be hired for the after party ceremony conducted during late nights to help in changing the vibe between the formal wedding reception and the after party.

Ballroom dances

Ballroom categories are categorized into smooth and rhythm dances. Apart from dancing competitions, ballroom dances are quite appropriate when entertaining people of all ages. Apart from entertainment, ballroom dance has many health benefits as they help in maintaining fitness and mental sharpness. Ballroom is widely enjoyed on stage, television and film because of its performance and entertaining features. It enhances healthy relationships given that they are a set of partner dances. Additionally, their participatory nature puts them above many other forms of dancing. Ballroom dances have aspects of American and Latin culture incorporated in them thus making them culturally enriching.

Special dancing

On other occasions, you can choose some special dances for entertainment, including dancing with famous stars. Most celebrity weddings have featured dances with the stars pulling surprising entertaining stunts. Some couples can also choose to make their reception lively by choosing professional dance routines or unique performances to prepare the crowd for an entertaining night. Incorporating specialty dances pays injects the unique entertainment aspects of culture and heritage. Additionally, it makes the celebration memorable to all those in attendance.

Of late, more celebrations and weddings have adopted Asian wedding entertainment dances, and they are not regretting.